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New product -Portable Event Covering

Portable event flooring, the most economical turf protection system, is perfect for any event whatever the size. From a football pitch to a marquee, from covering an entire stadium for a concert to providing simple walkways. The rugged anti-slip surface protects turf and prevents soil compaction.

An excellent all-weather, all year-round surface providing innovative and reliable alternative to traditional flooring systems. IDEAL FOR Stadiums Marquees Shows Concerts Car Display Areas Walkways Catering Areas Corporate Events Portable flooring has been designed as a truly bespoke system. The unique construction allows the contractor to 'customize' for each occasion, reducing time spent on site. Simple to install; an entire stadium floor of around 8000 square meters can be installed in a matter of hours by a small team. Rugged anti-slip surface Protects grass Moulded in high impact UV protected polypropylene Provides wheelchair access Wide range of colours available Simple to change - just unclip and reconnect in minutes! Unique drainage and ventilation slots prevent damage to grass Patented design of interlocking hinges

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