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How to Pick A Door Mat

The type of door mat you pick for your home will be determined by a number of factors. Consider the amount of traffic coming in and out of your home. When picking a door mat also consider if it is more for decorative purposes for for keeping the front entrance clean. Whether or not your doorway is covered and protected from the elements is another factor to consider when picking out a door mat.

Things You'll Need:

time to shop a door mat

budget of $10-$40


1. Set yourself a price of how much you would like to spend before shopping for a new door mat. It's easy to spend up to $50 when picking a door mat, even if you can easily pick a $10 door mat that works just as well for your purposes. Setting yourself a capped amount will help you save money.

2. Examine the entrance where there door mat will be placed. Consider a decorative door mat if the entrance to your home needs something homey and welcoming. Also take a photo of your exact home's exterior if you want to match a decorative door mat to the exterior decor and style. A decorative door mat is a good pick for an apartment with an interior hallway, or a condo with a complete overhang, and protected door entrance.

3. Shop around for a high traffic door mat if the front of your home feels like Grand Central Station. Pick a door mat which is made of of polypropylene if you need a durable door mat. A polypropylene door mat is a plastic door mat which visually mimics natural materials. A polypropylene door mat which is tightly woven will also look clean, as the dirt will become trapped underneath the door mat until you clean it.

4. Pick a rubber door mat for an entryway that is used frequently by small children or the elderly. A rubber door mat creates a safe entry for guests and residents. A rubber doormat is also a good door mat to pick for areas prone to rain. Pick this type of door mat to place outside of a mud room or patio. 5. Select a door mat with raised patterns for muddy areas or if you are a gardner. A door mat with raised patterns is also useful for areas which tend to experience snow and ice storms.

Tips & Warnings

Extend the life of a door mat by picking one that is reversible. Do not buy a door mat that is too tall if you are worried about tripping on it.Do not buy a purely decorative mat if it will be exposed to constant rain or snow.

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